Spider Wood – Medium


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Spiderwood is one of the newer types of hardscape materials that have started popping up in aquascapes in the recent years. This is due to its unique “spider” like root system creating an undeniable characteristic versus other aquarium wood on the market.

Spiderwood can be used in nano aquariums and create a lot of hiding spots for fauna but it really shines in filling out some of the larger aquariums aquascapes that other driftwoods like Malaysian driftwood or Mopani can’t do.

Spiderwood is used in all types of aquascaping – some hobbyists use Spiderwood to create mangroves whereas others use pieces to create miniature trees with attaching mosses to the branches. I’ve even seen a few people do floating abstract wood where the two far end branches hoist the driftwood off the substrate like a floating piece of art. Then adding multiple rhizome plants like Anubias or java ferns to create a greenery in the air. The Spiderwood is truly a very versatile piece of wood and can be used with limitless imagination.