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Up-to-date information on corals and other invertebrates in the marine aquarium hobby.

Chalice Corals. Family Pectinildae By Blue Zoo Aquatics

Within the Family Pectiniidae, there are currently five valid genera of coral according to Integrated Taxanomic Information System (ITIS). They are Echinophyllia, Mycedium, Oxypora, Pectinia, and Physophyllia. You will also see Echinomorpha listed as a genus, and it should be, although there is only one species. These stony corals from the Family Pectiniidae are known […]

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Aquarium care for Bubble Corals

There is no doubt that bubble corals are one of the most unique corals that we get in our aquarium hobby. With their oddly shaped swollen vesicles, they are hard to miss when you are at your local fish store looking into an aquarium with corals on display for sale. They truly are beautiful to […]

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Caring for Acropora – The Basics

  Acropora Corals are one of the primary reef builders in our world’s oceans and they are highly sought after by experienced reef tank hobbyists for their remarkable growth rates and intense colours. As hobbyists the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of SPS corals is Acroporas.   Corals of this genus are […]

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Fragging Green Star Polyps

Project Description Most people that own marine tanks have at some stage kept Green Star Polyps (GSP). Its hardiness makes it the perfect coral for the beginner, as it tolerates a wide range of lighting and water conditions. The amazing colours it displays under subdued and blue lighting also make it a worthy addition to […]

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Leather Corals: Caring and Fragging

When it comes to corals there are few corals that are hardier or more ideal for a beginner’s reef aquarium than leather corals. They are readily available, they are affordable, they are hardy and can tolerate mild changes in water parameters far better than many other corals, they look great in an aquarium and grow […]

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One of the most commonly seen invertebrates in our marine aquarium hobby, the beautiful Zoanthids are also referred to as encrusting anemones, colonial anemones, sea mats and button polyps. They come in an unbelievable variety of colours and can brighten up any live rock in any aquarium. Zoanthids have been around since the early days […]

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